Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vodafone Australia Picks SAS for Marketing Help

Business analytics company SAS will provide Vodafone Australia with its Marketing Optimization software to enhance marketing campaigns through advanced analytics and optimization techniques.

Vodafone regularly targets more than 1 million customers with direct mail campaigns. But the increasingly inadequate contact strategy led the company to seek an advanced campaign optimization solution.

“We decided to switch to an intelligent solution because of how long it took to manually process information we needed,” said Cahyadi Poernomo of Vodafone Australia. “As the number of campaigns grew and became more integrated, our capabilities became impracticable.”

Vodafone spends millions of dollars on direct marketing campaigns. Poernomo says the company is looking to reduce this outlay up to 30 percent while still enjoying similar or better levels of return.

SAS is used throughout the Vodafone group for modeling and predictive analytics from applications such as customer relationship management through to the resource management of its IT services in many countries, including Australia, Italy, New Zealand and India.

SAS Marketing Optimization collects and analyzes statistics to calculate precisely which elements of the marketing campaigns succeed. The company says up-to-the minute information reveals which channels are most effective in a given situation, which customers to target, and overall campaign effectiveness. The analyses are used to refine and optimize future campaign design and execution for improved return.


SAS Connects Digital Marketers With Mobile Users

Meanwhile, SAS has introduced SAS for Mobile Interaction. It’s designed to improve customer intimacy in the mobile device world. This new solution is expected to bring SAS software’s predictive analytics to mobile marketers to improve results even in tough economic times.

SAS for Mobile Interaction builds on the capabilities of SAS Digital Marketing and SAS Marketing Automation to connect customer and marketing intelligence with interactive multimedia messaging execution. One example is with VOCEL’s Interactive Messaging gateway, a next-generation mobile messaging platform that delivers compelling mobile experiences which motivate users to take action. This union of analytical campaign management with mobile multimedia marketing – part of SAS’ multi-partner strategy – unlocks vast new possibilities for customer feedback, dynamic preloads, intelligent offers and social networking.

"Wireless operators can leverage their unique relationship with consumers to enhance the user experience,” said Susan McNeice, Global Program Manager at Stratecast, a Division of Frost & Sullivan. “By combining business analytics, campaign management, and the interactive capabilities of the handset, the SAS solution gives marketers the opportunity to optimize that relationship while driving value for the consumer, the operator and content producers."

The company says the solution revolutionizes how wireless operators reduce churn while improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue through customized promotional offers on mobile devices. Before this, marketers using Short Message Service (SMS) to communicate offers to subscribers couldn’t gauge the effectiveness of digital campaigns. SAS shows vendors when an offer arrives, if it is opened or read, and resulting orders, so the campaign can be adjusted as needed.

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