Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SAS, Teradata Partnership Lauded After First Year

Business analytics company SAS and data warehouser Teradata say they are seeing a lot of success after their first year of partnership. They say customers have been able to leverage the companies’ core strengths: data management, analytical and business intelligence software, and scalable data warehousing.

Over the past year, SAS and Teradata have unveiled new initiatives, products and services to help customers make better, faster decisions to create a competitive advantage. By running and optimizing certain SAS solutions and analytic processes within the Teradata database engine, businesses decrease data movement and increase performance, helping IT more quickly respond to business needs. With this approach, analytic processes are up to 45 times faster, and one joint customer reported processing time cut from 36 hours to one hour and 15 minutes.

The two companies recently announced the SAS and Teradata Advantage Program, designed to accelerate data analysis pertaining to specific business challenges such as fraud detection and credit risk. The announcement included a strategic roadmap for further integration and multiple joint offers in the months ahead.

“We achieved dramatic results from the SAS and Teradata partnership, including reduced analytic model run times,” says Aldo Mancini, founder of INTELeffect and former vice president at Discover Financial Services. “In one case, we cut the time from one week to 36 minutes, with a tenfold increase in analytic output. Treating SAS and Teradata as a single, managed environment positioned Discover Financial Services to double analytic output throughout 2008.”

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